Saturday, October 12, 2019

Chubritza was founded in 1993 in Arcata. Chubritza is the name of a Bulgarian table spice which is usually served as a mixture of savory, salt and paprika. The name reflects the band's variety and mixture of international musical tastes and textures, while retaining a Balkan and Eastern European emphasis.

Chubritza plays international dance music for folk dance events, weddings, bar mitzvahs, cultural celebrations, parties, festivals and dance camps, and recently returned from a tour in Israel. The band can also be heard regularly at the Humboldt Folk Dancers on first Fridays, and at festivals, dance camps, and community events.

Performers and instruments:
Meadow Lo - tambura, guitar, bra™, trumpet, bass, percussion, vocals
Jim Case - tambura, prim, bra™, guitar, mandolin
Janet Finney-Krull - flute, pennywhistle, recorder, frula, accordion, dumbek, tupan, snare drum, bra™, vocals
Rick Kruse - bass, violin, mandolin, gudulka, tambura, ™elovi¶, vocals
Craig Kurumada - gajda, clarinet, prim, tambura, dumbek, spoons, vocals
Linnea Mandell - accordion, tambura, bugarija, recorder, tupan, dumbek, snare drum, vocals

Musical training and experience:
The members of Chubritza reflect a broad spectrum of experience including training in classical Western music, Balkan, Klezmer, Celtic and international folk music styles from solo instrumentals on traditional instruments to urban folk orchestras and folk choruses from different cultures. Chubritza members learn techniques, repertoire and languages from visiting experts and at music camps locally and abroad.

Description of the music:
Chubritza performs traditional dance music and songs from both urban and village traditions from Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Israel, Japan, Macedonia, Mexico, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, U.S.A. and Jewish/Klezmer and Romani (Gypsy) peoples. These songs reflect many universal themes which all people share: the passion of being in love, the sorrow of lost love, and the happiness music and dance brings to the heart.

About the instruments:
Chubritza plays a wide variety of traditional instruments used in folk music throughout Eastern Europe and other parts of the world. In addition to the accordion, clarinet, saxophone, flute, cornet, violin, bass and guitar, some of the instruments which may be less familiar to local audiences include:

Gajda - Balkan goatskin bagpipe
Tupan - large, Balkan drum played with a thin stick and a heavy beater
Dumbek or tarabuka - an hour-glass shaped hand drum
Tamburica - a family of stringed instruments from Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia which include the prim (soprano), bra™ (alto), bugarija (chord), ™elovi¶ (running bass) and berde (bass).
Frula - a Balkan fipple flute
Tambura - a long-necked stringed instrument from Bulgaria and Macedonia