Jerry Moore & Doug Arrington

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Doug Arrington is known for his versatility as a jazz singer who creates warm, intimate, intense, electric and buoyant moods.  He is a member of a prominent musical family from New York City and became known through television and radio appearances around the world.  For many years he has been a frequent performer and recording artist in northern California.  As both a drummer and vocalist, he and Jerry Moore, jazz pianist, have worked together to bring music to thousands of public school children through Young Imaginations’ programs for rhythm, jazz and world music cultures.

Jerry Moore, PhD, has been one of California’s leaders in music education for decades - earning him the title of “Music Educator Of the Year” after he served for ten years on the board of the California Music Educators Association.  Jerry earned degrees in music education from Humboldt State University, Eastman School of Music, and Kent State University.  His teaching and parallel performing career throughout Northern California included elementary through college - with over 30 years of jazz and world music leadership at College of the Redwoods.  

Since moving to the Bay Area in 2000, he continues his fascination with jazz as an arranger and performer, as well as bringing jazz and other world musics to public school children.