Kenny Ray and the Mighty Rovers

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Kenny Ray and the Mighty Rovers are passionate about melodic dance music. 

They play roots country, honky tonk and swing music that will entice you to leave your seat and frolic the night away. 

‘Kenny Ray’ aka Ken Jorgenson, leads the band with his percussive rhythm guitar style and polished vocals.

Multi-instrumentalist Brooks ‘Slippery’ Otis performs on the Pedal Steel, Clarinet and Saxophone trading dynamic leads with Darren Weiss on the electric 5-string Tenor Guitar. Maria McFarlin keeps a solid beat on the stand-up bass that drives the band. 

The Mighty Rovers invite you to Swing and Sway with Kenny Ray.

As a special note to radio listeners: Darren Weiss hosts the Chicken Scratch Show on KHUM FM / 104.7 / Mondays 7-9pm