Redwood Dixie-Gators

Saturday, October 14, 2023

The Redwood Dixie-Gators is Humboldt’s traditional Dixieland jazz band. They will perform New Orleans style Dixieland with both solo and ensemble improvisations.

Left to right in the photo.

Jerry Carter Jr. (trumpet)
As a lifelong Eurekan, Jerry Carter Jr. has played with many local jazz bands over the years. He has played trumpet for almost 30 years. Jerry also sings and leads worship with his guitar at Coastline Foursquare Church.

Greg Quast (trombone)
A Californian native with 30 years of performing experience under his belt, Greg has enjoyed playing with the Redwood Dixie-Gators since the 2011. Having two college degrees -- both in Registered Nursing and Music Performance--Greg now enjoys the two things he loves the very most in this world: Helping out his family and playing great music with wonderful people.

Donna Landry-Rehling (vocalist)
Donna has been a mainstay of the Humboldt music scene for more than three decades in groups like The A Train, Swing Set and numerous other groups. Donna also had a Singing Telegram Service until 2021. A versatile vocalist, she enjoys swing, vintage jazz, rhythm & blues and old soul music. Donna also is the choir director at her church.

Bill Evans (trumpet)
Bill has performed in a variety of jazz groups over the last 40 years.  He plays  trumpet, trombone and euphonium and also sings, plays and serves as an audio engineer at Shiloh Family Church in Fortuna, California. He is a parent of 8 children, holds a Bachelor's Degree in Music and a Masters Degree in Computer Science and is a part time substitute teacher. 

Jerry Carter Sr. (tuba)
Jerry began playing the tuba at South Fork High School where he also sang in several groups. Jerry continued to play at College of the Redwoods and Baylor University. Jerry has played in numerous area bands including Humboldt Bay Brass Band and Scotia Band. Jerry is a retired truck driver who enjoys playing music with his friends and family.

Joyce Carter (clarinet)
Joyce's love of the clarinet began in 4th grade and has continued throughout her life. Joyce attended Humboldt State University where she earned a BA in music. Joyce, like many of the band, has played in many Humboldt County music groups including Eureka Symphony, College of the Redwoods Jazz Band, Humboldt Light Opera, Humboldt Bay Brass Band and Cal Poly Wind Ensemble. Joyce enjoys playing music with all her music friends and family (son, Jerry Jr. & husband, Jerry Sr.).

Tim Theiss (guitar, banjo)
Tim is a retired Civil Engineer. Tim is skilled in playing many instruments of which are guitar, banjo, violin, viola and recorder. Tim has played in The Eureka and Humboldt Symphonies, Humboldt Light Opera, The Redwood Dixie-Gators, College of the Redwoods Big Band and various small jazz combos.